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Chroma Giveaway!

$10 Roblox Game Card Giveaway!
For mfdubs' birthday, we will be giving away a $10 Roblox card here on the site! The winner will be picked Sunday February 23rd @ 8pm EST. This is separate from the Twitter giveaway, which you can find here:

To enter, simply enter your username below, and click "Enter". BUT... Upon entering, you will be given a special link, that you can use to earn more entries (See below for details).

Enter the giveaway
Roblox Username:

By entering, you agree to the rules below

NOTE: Make sure you enter your name in correctly,
as this will be how we notify the winner(s).

Entry Details/Rules
This giveaway is 100% free, and does not require anything other than entering your Roblox name above, and clicking "Enter!". The special link we provide you upon entering is given for you to use if you choose. Every unique visit* to MM2 Values coming from your link will earn you 1 more entry. You can ask your friends to help you out, or post it to your Twitter or Facebook, whatever. We are aware there will be people who try to abuse this, so we have a flagging system in place. Anyone caught cheating will be removed from the list, and banned from future giveaways. Also, we format your username to all lowercase (Makes it easier to read winner's names).

While using this link,
1) DO NOT SPAM THIS LINK: Any reports (with proof) of the links being spammed may result in disqualification, and possible ban from future giveaways
2) DO NOT CHEAT! CHEATING of any kind will result in disqualification, and ban of future giveaways. Our definition of cheating is using any means outside of getting someone to click your link.
3) KEEP IT FAIR! As long as these go smoothly, we will continue to do them!

Also, entering anything other than your Roblox name, may result in disqualification.

*: Unique visitors are visitors that haven't been on within 30 mins before clicking your link.


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