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Below are information regarding trading and our features on the MM2Values site. Here you may find everything you need to know regarding value, demand, rarity and our brand new stability tags, status tags & ranges. In the future, this page will be updated with a full in-depth trading guide on how to help you improve in MM2 Trading!


Our Discord server offers many additions to assist you with your trades. Our “Trade Discussion“ is a general chat for anything related to values, trading, or advice. Need help with a trade? Ping/mention the ”Trade Advisor“ role with a question. The server also announces site updates, provides additional trading servers, and hosts giveaways to aid you in growing your MM2 Inventory. Click here if interested


Rising: Items with this stability tag are most likely to increase in value by the next update. These items pull more than their listed base value and are leading in the economy.

Hyped: Items with this stability tag are what traders strive to obtain. Due to items skyrocketing in consistent offers more than usual, their demand and pulls are stimulated. These items are easy to trade off compared to other tags and are more likely to rise based on consistency.

Overpaid For: This stability tag is given to items receiving a consistent rate of overpay pulls. These items usually have high demand and are easy to trade off for over-base value; however, these items are also hard to trade for without giving more than usual.

Doing well: This stability tag is given to thriving items in the economy. These items are easier to trade off with good average pulls because of frequent offers.

Fluctuating: This stability tag is for items with hard predictions if they are decreasing, increasing, or stabilizing because of the variation of underpays, overpays, and base offers.

Stabilizing: This stability tag is given to previous underpaid/overpaid, hyped/losing hype, or fluctuating items that are becoming closer to stable.

Stable: The base stability tag is for stable items that go for their listed base value. Assuming no unexpected changes, it is also likely that these items will not decrease or increase.

Losing Hype: Items with this stability tag were of high-interest or marked “hyped” but are now losing demand, possibly dropping in future updates.

Underpaid For: This stability tag is given to items receiving a consistent rate of underpays/lowballs. These items are lower in demand and are difficult to trade off.

Decreasing: Items with this stability tag are most likely to decrease in value by the next update. These items pull less than their listed base value.


N/A: The base status tag for items listed. There is no set status for this item.

MASS-DUPED: Items with this status tag are items that have been highly affected by duping recently in the economy, and are continuing to have duped copies spread throughout the game. These items are most likely to experience dramatic drops, therefore trading for these items could put you in danger. Items with this tag are marked with a ⚠️ sign on the top left corner of the item image.

PROJECTED: This status tag is rare and is given to items that are being influenced by a group of people. If a item has this tag, a group of people are most likely targeting the item in attempt to inflate its value via dramatic over-offers, promoting fake trades, stirring hype with alternative accounts, etc.

On specific items, you may see a numerical value in parentheses underneath the items base value saying ”(#) in overpays/underpays“ or ”pulls (#)“. This is referred to as a value range.

”(#) in overpays/underpays“: How much value on top of the items base value that the item can pull. For example, if Corrupt has a base value of 9,000, and has ”300-400+ in overpays“, Corrupt can get 400-500 more in overpays from that base value. The same but reversed is the situation for ”(#) in underpays“. THIS IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH PULLS.

”Pulls (#)“: How much the item can go for when not receiving base value. For example, Corrupt could have a base value of 9,000, but go for 10,000-11,000+ in offers depending on the trader.


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